When Your “Stuff” Needs Some Help!

packout company dallas ga, packout services dallas ga, content packout dallas gaIf you’ve had a disaster in your home, sometimes the best solution is take a break and call for reinforcements. It might be better for you to get your possessions out of the home and into a safer place while repairs are made. Now is time to get the pros involved…

A “pack out” refers to a situation when the personal property contents of a home is removed so that repairs or construction can be done. “Contents” means all the things not permanently secured to the structure. In this process, once the repairs are finished the contents are then returned to the site and replaced. 

For example, if your home has been flooded, you need to act now. If you put wet items in a sealed container, they will quickly l=mold. A more experienced packout company will make sure that all items are removed to a safe area where they can be dried, stored and then returned once the structural repairs or cleaning is completed.

Packout Company In Dallas GA

Packout Steps 

After the initial inspection, your restoration professionals will let you know whether or not an item can be restored. All of the contents will be inspected; any pre-existing damage will be documented before being sent out to be restored. This documentation helps to estimate the losses and facilitates the filing of your insurance claim. Here is a typical workflow:


First, your company will sort your contents into two categories: unsalvageable and salvageable. If your items are unsalvageable, they will need to be documented for insurance and then discarded. (It is very important after a home disaster that you do not discard any of your contents until your adjuster comes to inspect them.) 

In some cases, affected items are cleaned in place to prevent acidic residues from causing any further damage. Small items will be individually wrapped in paper, boxed, labeled and inventoried by your restoration professional: spoons, pots and pans, dishes, storage containers. Large items like upholstery and wooden furniture will be carefully inspected for damage, loaded and secured in a covered box truck using pads and the appropriate packing.


Once this step is done, your restoration company will then keep track all items that can be saved and all items that cannot. Using the industry’s highest level of technology, All About Contents is able to document and photograph all contents related to the loss.​ 

This way when your contents are returned, you will be assured that you have all items back. (You will receive a copy of every inventory sheet with notes pre existing damage, if any.)

Off Site Work

Contents that are deemed “salvageable” will be carefully packed and moved to a secured location. A contents, or restoration company, will handle all your items with special care: wrapping items in paper, boxing, labeling everything. All furniture will be wrapped in padding and secured for protection during transport. Once the boxing is complete, a team of movers will load up all your boxes and furniture for transport to a secure state-of-the-art-facility for cleaning and storage.

Chosen items will be packed and loaded delicately then moved to the location where they will be cleaned and restored. Once they are at the safe location, your items will be cleaned and restored to their pre-loss condition using specialized equipment and products. 

Return Of Items

After your items are restored and the repairs to your home are completed, your trusted packout company will return your contents to you safely. Not only will each item be returned with care, an organized file for insurance will accompany your things.

Why Can’t I Just Use My Local Dry Cleaner/ Carpet Cleaner/ Housekeeper?

Our packout company has trained professionals, state-of-the-art equipment and specialized processes that your current vendors do not. For example, studies show that professional contents restoration companies are typically able to restore about 98% of garments compared to 65% for a typical dry cleaner. All About Contents has the manpower and the equipment to complete your project with just one phone call. 

When You Need A Packout Company In Dallas, GA

At All About Contents will make sure your personal property is cared for and accounted for. During the pack-out, everything is fully documented and tracked utilizing iCat contents management software, so you can have peace of mind that your contents are in safe hands. 

Since 2011, our packout company has helped with stressful situations like insurance claims. They have worked with all the major insurance carriers, including Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Prudential, USAA, and more. Experts at writing and submitting property claims, the team uses the industry-standard billing software Xactimate to submit estimates and invoices. For a full-service cleaning company and offer packout, cleaning, storage, and pack-back services, call us.

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