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What You Need To Know About Smoke Damage

If you have ever sat around a campfire, you are aware of just how quickly your clothes and other possessions can start to smell like smoke. It is, therefore, understandable why the lingering scent of smoke and ash is the last thing you want to deal with after a house fire. The odor of smoke […]

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What Can Be Salvaged After A Fire?

Fires can leave all sorts of damage behind in their wake, including fire damage, smoke damage, and even water damage. Even after the flames have been put out, there are lasting effects left behind in our homes and all the contents within them. With the damage likely affecting many of the items in your home, […]

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Risks Of Neglected Water Damage

When a resident has experienced water damage, no matter the size, it is imperative that it is taken care of immediately. Water damage that has been left to occupy a space will begin to cause issues almost straight away especially to your contents and belongings. Even if the water damage is seemingly small, the problems […]

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Worst Effects Of Water Damage On A Home

Water damage can hit at any time in any home. It’s virtually inevitable to happen to everyone at some point in their life. With that being said, it doesn’t happen at the same volume for every person. Because of that, some people may not even realize that water damage has happened to them. Alternatively, they […]

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Proven Methods To Help Save Your Cherished Belongings

Belongings that are lost as a result of disasters, such as water damage, are usually measured in dollars. Unfortunately, the losses that matter the most though are cherished items that have personal value and meaning and are cherished beyond a monetary value. At All About Contents, we know how devastating water damage can be, especially […]

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Impacts Of Water and What to Expect from Contents Restoration Services

Damage to your belongings can add cost and pressure to an already stressful situation. You may need to relocate for a while until you can clean out the property and restore the contents. Or maybe you can’t use your stuff to cook, groom, work, or even enjoy your house. You need a team not only […]

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Can Textiles Be Salvaged And Restored After A Disaster? 

Removing a water ring on a coffee table is simple with a few household products. Getting the smoke smell out of your clothes after a night out is pretty easy, too.  But if  a vintage upholstered piece of furniture or antique Persian rug has been damaged by a flood or fire, a contents restoration team […]

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Saving Your Items After A Home Disaster

If you have had a disaster affect your home, you first have to ensure your family’s safety. Next, the clean up and restoration crew will arrive to manage rebuilding your house. But who will take care of your things? After water, fire, mold, or smoke damage, many of your household possessions look terrible. But with […]

content smoke damage repair

Ways That Smoke Can Damage Your House And Contents

A fire has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to your house. Fortunately, your property is considerably less likely to be completely damaged by a fire if you have fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and well-trained fire services. Even when the fire is minor, the smoke it produces can soon spread around your house, causing extensive […]

Content Smoke Damage Repair 

How To Deal With Content Smoke Damage Repair

One thing that makes fire damage so destructive is not even the fire itself, but the smoke. Smoke clings to every object and surface, and the smell penetrates materials so it lingers long after the flames have been extinguished. Before you lose hope for your belongings and the contents of your home when they have […]

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