What To Keep After Your Home Experiences Damage

Home damage can happen in various ways, from fire and smoke to flooding and mold. After a home disaster, you are left with a lot to deal with. Not only will your home need repairs, but many of your belongings will likely need to be restored. Using a content restoration company can be very beneficial as they carefully pack your possessions away from your home while it is being repaired. These experts will help restore your possessions to their former glory. But how can you decide what is worth saving and what should be thrown out? damaged contents restoration

Paper Items

You likely have books and important papers that you keep in your home. If these paper items experience damage, you don’t have to assume they are unsavable. There are ways for a content restoration company to dry and repair them in good condition. However, there is a better chance that they can do this if they can be saved immediately. If it is possible to move paper things away from the damage, you should do so. Getting started on saving and drying your possessions immediately is crucial.


There is a good chance your furniture can be returned to its original condition, provided the damage is not too extensive. Whether you are drying out upholstery or getting rid of a smoky smell, you should not assume you have to replace all your furniture. A content damage restoration company will likely be able to restore it, depending on not only how bad the damage is but also the materials your furniture is made out of. 


Replacing your damaged clothing would be a significant and very costly pain, but you likely will not have to do this. Through careful cleaning treatments, whatever damage your clothing has experienced can probably be undone. Smoke can especially be a big problem when it comes to clothing because it can cling to your clothes but can be removed through specialized cleaning. 


It may seem like your electronics will not be able to withstand severe damage, but don’t throw them away just yet. Have a content damage restoration company inspect your electronics before assuming they are ruined forever. It is always possible they could still be saved through specialized cleaning and drying treatments. 

What Cannot Be Saved?

Unfortunately, you will likely have some possessions destroyed beyond repair during a home disaster. Anything that becomes too severely burned or warped will probably not be returned to its original condition. But before you decide to throw anything away, you should confirm with a content damage restoration company because they can determine more accurately what is worth saving. 

Damaged Contents Restoration—Georgia

If you have experienced a home disaster that has left you feeling like everything you own is gone forever, call All About Contents to help you. We understand how devastating losing your treasure can be. Our team of experts will pack your possessions out of your home and determine more accurately what we can repair for you. Don’t give up on your beloved belongings yet.

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