What Can Be Saved After A Flood?

damaged contents restorationWater damage is known to be the most common form of property damage due to the vast ways it can happen. Flooding is one of the top reasons for properties sustaining water damage. Unfortunately, flooding can occur from both natural causes and accidents inside the home. No matter where the flood comes from, water will cause damage to both your property and any belonging that come in contact with it. Porous building materials absorb the excess water and moisture, which can cause significant damage to these materials. Furthermore, the more water that is present, the higher the risk for severe structural damage and mold growth.

Damaged Contents Restoration

Your basement is the most prone to flooding compared to any other room in your house. Water from the outside can seep into the basement through cracks and other openings in the foundation, and water pipes can leak or burst open, spreading water throughout the area. While some people use their basements for storage, others have a completed basement with furniture, personal items, carpet, etc. Either way, damage occurring to any of your personal belongings can be devastating. However, there is potential for certain things to be saved with damaged contents restoration. Here are some of the few things that can potentially be saved. 


Obviously, electronics and water do not mix in any way. If the circuits of your electronics are exposed to water, they can become damaged and corrode. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are entirely unsalvagable. With professional damaged contents restoration services, there is a chance your electronics can be saved. The items are taken to a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for treatment, and these controls will help minimize the amount of damage.


Depending on the type of furniture, there is a high likelihood that your furniture can be salvaged. Special drying techniques are used on basic wood furniture to prevent problems such as warping, and other salvaging techniques are used as well through refinishing and sanitization work. However, wood veneer furniture is usually unsalvageable because the water removes lamination.

Upholstered furniture can usually be salvaged, but you may want to consider if the cost of restoration is worth it to you. Antique items may be worth it, but replacing basic cushioning and fabric may cost less. 


Paper products can be salvaged when damaged using professional damaged contents restoration services. With that being said, immediate action is crucial. Papers need to be separated from each other and dried in a gentle manner before any mold can grow. Books need absorbent inserts to blot the numerous pages before air drying. Any damaged photos can be saved using specialized freeze-drying methods.

Experiencing a flood to any degree can be devastating. Trying to restore contents affected by the fire can seem overwhelming and hopeless. Fortunately, damaged content restoration teams at All About Contents know how precious your items are and can bring your items back to life. In addition to electronics, furniture, and paper, they can clean clothing, artwork, heirlooms, antiques, dishes, furniture, and so much more.

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