5 Things To Know When Dealing With Content Smoke Damage Repair In your Home

content smoke damage repairWhen dealing with damage following a fire in your home, it can be incredibly frustrating when the smell of smoke seems to linger on all of your belongings. You may think that throwing away and replacing everything you own is the only way to get rid of the smell of smoke. However, smoke damage can usually be removed. 

Smoke Can Cause Even More Damage To Your Home Than The Fire

The toxic chemicals in smoke can get deep into the fibers of your belongings. The smoke leaves a smell, but it can also create corrosive soot particles that get trapped within the pores of your possessions. It may feel like when it comes to smoke damage, your things will smell for a very long time, and you will have no other choice but to replace everything you own. However, the damage can be repaired, especially when taken care of as soon as possible after the fire and smoke damage has occurred. 

How To Identify Content Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can affect areas far away from where a fire has occurred in your home. When trying to identify everything that smoke has damaged, look for areas with black dust. Also, look for any discoloration in the paint in your home. Areas may also be blackened or streaked with soot.

Smoke Damage Requires A Lengthy Clean-Up Process

As your home is being repaired following a fire, the clean-up process is vital. Thorough scrubbing of walls, floors, and surfaces is important in order to remove the damage and the smell of smoke from within your home. Countertops, carpets, hardwood floors, curtains, and wallpaper all need to be scrubbed sufficiently to remove the damage deep within the fibers and pores of the surfaces.

Ozone Is An Effective Way To Repair Smoke Damage

Ozone is a chemical that has become a common way to try and remove smoke damage and odors from objects. However, it can be very harmful to be in contact with ozone as it is being applied because it can be harmful to the lungs. It is safest to let professionals use ozone, as it is an effective way to get rid of the smokey smell. After the ozone treatment is complete and enough time has passed, it is no longer dangerous to be around objects that have been treated with ozone. 

Your Personal Possessions Can Be Specially Cleaned By A Content Smoke Damage Repair Company

When it comes to all of your beloved possessions, the best way for them to be repaired is to pack them out of your home with a service that can clean them thoroughly and make certain that the damage and smoke are completely gone. Smoke and smoke odors can be nearly impossible to get rid of without the help of a professional. 

It is possible for almost all of your possessions to be restored back to their original state. When you’re in need of a company that can help you restore your possessions back to normal, call our team at All About Contents. They’re experienced and ready to help your possessions get cleaned and restored in no time.

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