What Can Be Salvaged After A Fire?

Contents Cleaning Restoration Dallas GAFires can leave all sorts of damage behind in their wake, including fire damage, smoke damage, and even water damage. Even after the flames have been put out, there are lasting effects left behind in our homes and all the contents within them. With the damage likely affecting many of the items in your home, it’s important to ask what is safe to save after the fire has been put out. 

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To keep that sense of normalcy and comfort, there are some things that you may want to try and salvage after that fire has been put out. While some properties can be too far gone, there are some things that can be saved. Fortunately, with a professional contents cleaner, many objects can be saved from being thrown out completely. 

Generally, any non-porous item that is strong enough to withstand high temperatures and won’t absorb smoke or water will be able to be saved after a fire has been extinguished. These things will probably get a little stained but are usually pretty easy to clean. It may be necessary to repaint or refinish these said items but are overall safe to keep after the fire. Some are strong enough to withstand a fire or can be cleaned easily after a fire.

1. Glass And Ceramic

Both glass and ceramic are materials that can hold up really well in high temperatures, don’t absorb smoke particles, and are easily cleaned and dried. Items that are made of glass usually make it out of the even the worst fires only covered in soot or with minor stains. However, ceramics can be porous and may be susceptible to staining from smoke damage and hard water. Although it may be possible to clean glass by washing it with vinegar and dish soap, ceramics may require deeper professional cleaning. 

2. Metal

Metal is very similar to glass when it comes to surviving in a fire. It has a very high melting point, doesn’t absorb smoke, and can easily be dried. The stains that it might get from fires are also easy to remove, as you can use simple household products to remove them, such as vinegar and dish soap.

3. Hardwood Floors

This is one item in the home that would unexpectedly make it through and be saved after a fire. Though the hardwood doesn’t follow the rules of salvageable items, as it is porous, absorbs water and smoke, and burns in high temperatures, the coating will protect it. With the protective layer over the hardwood, smoke and water usually cannot reach the wood to damage it. Unless they’re extremely burnt or charred, you should be able to clean them up with oil soap, sand them down, and refinish them.

4. Washable Cloth Items

This is another item that doesn’t necessarily fit into the category of salvageable items, but there is one benefit that it has over all the others: it is easy to clean. Assuming that any of these items have not been burned in any way, they can be saved after a house fire. Anything item that would normally be tossed in the washing machine, such as clothes, furniture covers, and curtains, can be stripped of any absorbed water or smoke damage. You can attempt to clean them on your own, but it is recommended to allow fire damage restoration experts to assist you, as smoke particles can get pushed further into your clothes or washing machine. 

Experiencing a house fire to any degree can be devastating. It can make you feel helpless, especially when it destroys your home and personal belongings with its presence in your home. Trying to restore contents affected by the fire can be overwhelming and hopeless. Fortunately, content cleaning restoration teams at All About Contents know how precious your items are and are readily available to bring your items back to life. Contents cleaning restoration can bring back these items, such as documents, clothing, artwork, heirlooms, antiques, dishes, furniture, and so much more. 

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