Worst Effects Of Water Damage On A Home

contents cleaning restoration dallas gaWater damage can hit at any time in any home. It’s virtually inevitable to happen to everyone at some point in their life. With that being said, it doesn’t happen at the same volume for every person. Because of that, some people may not even realize that water damage has happened to them. Alternatively, they may see that a pipe under the sink is dripping, but it’s not that big of a deal and doesn’t need to be dealt with swiftly. However, there are several devastating effects that can occur, no matter the amount of water damage. 

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Mold Growth

Mold is a huge problem that can begin to grow within the first 24 hours of the flood. It can grow everywhere, hidden in places that may not be able to be found without professional help. No matter the amount of water, mold will always grow and cause issues. Unfortunately, mold has so many negative impacts on the body and immune system. It causes health problems such as allergic reactions, asthma attacks, eye and/or skin irritation, irritated throats/nose, and lung problems. Moreover, repeated and elongated mold exposure can increase one’s sensitivity, causing more severe allergic reactions. Exposure to certain molds that produce toxins called mycotoxins can cause more serious illnesses as well. 

Mold will compromise anything near water, including but not limited to personal belongings, furniture, contents, and even the structural integrity of a house. If the mold is not immediately taken care of, rampant mold growth could take over a house and, in extreme cases, cause the structure to be condemned.

Structural Damage

As mentioned before, water can and will affect everything in a home, including the structural integrity of the building itself. Depending on how much water was actually present, there is no limit as to what can be damaged and will need to be replaced or restored. Drywall can crumble and deteriorate, the subfloor can warp and split, and foundations and concrete can crack. Water present in the foundation will weaken the entire structure unless taken care of promptly and properly. The structural damage will also bring the devaluing of the property itself. To bring the value back up, everything will have to be replaced or restored. 

Electrical Damage

It is a commonly known fact that water and electricity do not mix in any way. Knowing this, once a flood of any kind breaks out, it’s important to turn off electrical lines around the affected area to minimize damage. Wiring that is damaged and not turned off during a flood will be useless, as it will need to be replaced before it can be utilized again. Electrical water damage usually occurs to kitchen appliances, washing machines, dryers, hot water tanks, furnaces, and low-mounted electrical outlets. Even a few inches of water in the basement or crawlspace could be enough to damage these appliances beyond repair.

Damaged Personal Items

Arguably, the worst part about flooding is losing personal items and contents that have sentimental value. Though there are so many items that can be replaced, some things just can’t be. Because of that, there are professionals that can help restore these items back to their original state. Contents cleaning restoration can bring back these items, such as documents, clothing, artwork, heirlooms, antiques, dishes, furniture, and so much more. Professionals at All About Contents want to help you restore these precious items. They care about bringing these important items back to you as they know they are irreplaceable.

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