Impacts Of Water and What to Expect from Contents Restoration Services

contents cleaning restoration dallas gaDamage to your belongings can add cost and pressure to an already stressful situation. You may need to relocate for a while until you can clean out the property and restore the contents. Or maybe you can’t use your stuff to cook, groom, work, or even enjoy your house. You need a team not only to repair the property, but also to restore your pricey, valuable, and sentimental things like photographs as well as family heirlooms.

Contents Cleaning and Restoration in Dallas, GA

Water damage can have a significant impact on your belongings, particularly wood furniture. Here are the main impacts that water can have on the wood furniture, as well as what the professionals at All About Contents could do to restore those pieces.


If water is not completely removed from items like wood furniture, mold will develop. Since it is porous, wood provides an ideal environment for mold development, and once it begins, it is difficult to completely resolve the issue. Timing is crucial. The quicker we can get the wood out of the flood, the better.


Even if it’s been treated and also sealed, wood furniture shifts color when exposed to water. Water spots could discolor the wood and cause stain colors to fade or darken. The great news is that if the water has not penetrated too deeply into the furniture, it could be sanded as well as refinished. Again, removing the water from the wood as soon as possible improves the possibility of being able to completely restore it.


When wood is submerged in water for an extended duration, it begins to swell due to the weight of the moisture absorption. Wood can fracture or break under pressure if swelling becomes excessive. Water damage notably affects the joints of wood furniture, causing the pieces unstable. If the water is immediately removed, your belongings have a better possibility of being effectively restored.

Contents Restoration

What You Can Expect:

Pack Out: The first task in contents restoration is to pack up all of your stuff to get out of the building, leaving it empty so that the damage can be repaired on the inside. Your things will be transported to a secure location to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Clean-up: If your items had to be pulled out of your household due to damage, they were most likely damaged as well. Contents restoration specialists will do everything possible to clean up your valuables as well as restore them to their original condition.

Pack In: When the damage repair in your home is completed, the contents restoration crew that has your items will arrange a time to come and pack everything back into your household. It’ll be as if they never left.

Contents Cleaning Restoration Dallas GA

The great news is that when damage occurs, All About Contents offer emergency pack-out services, allowing us to get these items out of the affected regions and into our secure and dry location. Don’t entrust your personal items to just anybody; instead, contact All About Contents for content restoration services.

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