Saving Your Items After A Home Disaster

content cleaning services dallas gaIf you have had a disaster affect your home, you first have to ensure your family’s safety. Next, the clean up and restoration crew will arrive to manage rebuilding your house. But who will take care of your things? After water, fire, mold, or smoke damage, many of your household possessions look terrible. But with the right content cleaning service, in many cases, cleaning with specialized systems will be less expensive than replacing them. 

But it is not as simple as rubbing the soot off with a rag. Smoke and water can cause damage or chemical reactions to the materials; you need some experienced help. Using low tech cotton swabs and toothbrushes and high tech to ultrasonics and hydroxyl generators. Under the watchful eye of All About Contents, cleaning tools and gentle chemicals can restore even the most fragile heirlooms.  

Content Cleaning Services in Dallas GA

How Can Items Be Damaged Or Destroyed?

Aspiring to ​​“restore not replace,” both the homeowners and their insurance companies want to save your things from the dump. For a successful contents cleaning service, the right cleaning agent for each material must be used. Smoke can act like an acid; if you don’t remove it correctly it can etch or mar glass and metal finishes. 

Using the wrong cleaning products on wooden surfaces can end up stripping the stain and varnish.  

Metal surfaces can rust and corrode when smoke and soot particles are left sitting too long. Certain cleaning products will accelerate rust on metal components.   

Soot from smoke contains acidity that can completely destroy electronics even long after the flames are extinguished. Smoke and soot can corrode the tiny metal components, causing the electronic devices to short circuit.

Smoke also causes permanent discoloration to other hard but porous materials: plastics, marble, stone, and more. Each material responds differently to cleaning methods; let the All About Contents crew examine each piece and decide about how to care for your: 

  • Textiles, Rugs, Window Treatments
  • Upholstery
  • Electronics
  • Televisions 
  • Computers 
  • Housewares
  • Furniture 
  • Keepsakes and delicate Items

Trained professionals will identify items that can be restored and which items are unsalvageable. 

Is This Covered by Insurance?

As a part of your homeowners policy, the company will pay up to a predetermined amount for damage to your home from a fire or water damage. Even if insurance would pay you the money for damaged items, you wouldn’t want to replace everything you own– that would be stressful and exhausting. So trying to clean some of your things makes a lot of sense. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners are underinsured for content replacement; trying to clean the items can really stretch your dollars. For a variety of reasons, many people are underinsured; they often haven’t increased the limits as they accumulated new things. (Schedule a conversation with your insurance agent to discuss if you have adequate amounts.)

All About Contents is very familiar with the forms and estimate reports that the insurance companies use. The entire process is designed to make it easy for you to get the maximum benefits for the least hassle. 

Also related to insurance coverage, ​​our team is licensed, bonded and insured when working in your home and with your items. The company is insured up to a million dollars in liability for damages.

For Contents Cleanup in Atlanta and Dallas, GA

The key to successful restoration items after a damaging event is 1) acting quickly and 2) finding a professional team with knowledge, skills, equipment and manpower immediately. While a general contractor might focus on just the structure and interior of a home, our team specializes in saving your treasures, memories and prized possessions.  

When you need help, the crew serves as part of the emergency response team to restore peace of mind after a fire or other disaster. All About Contents’ teams of content cleaning service specialists are trained in everything from restoration for water-damaged rugs, deep cleaning for smoke damaged appliances, and safe removal of soot on priceless porcelain.

And in this chaotic time of your life, you need support from an experienced team. All About Contents has strong relationships with local claim adjusters, insurance agents, and contractors who will give clients the personalized care they require. When your home has suffered a water or fire emergency, contact our content cleaning services experts. Or learn more on our website.

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