How To Deal With Content Smoke Damage Repair

Content Smoke Damage Repair One thing that makes fire damage so destructive is not even the fire itself, but the smoke. Smoke clings to every object and surface, and the smell penetrates materials so it lingers long after the flames have been extinguished. Before you lose hope for your belongings and the contents of your home when they have taken on smoke damage, call All About Contents. With our state-of-the-art cleaning facility, equipment, and techniques, we have been able to successfully perform content smoke damage repair for homeowners all around Atlanta who have dealt with the devastation of fire damage. Here are some of the most common items people think are a total loss when dealing with smoke damage that we have been able to successfully repair:

Content Smoke Damage Repair 

  • Curtains, Textiles and Upholstery: Fabrics are easily penetrated by smoke, and ash, soot, and dust can also become imbedded in the individual fibers. Because of how potent the smell can be, these materials are often thought to be a total loss following a fire or smoke damage. However, with proper cleaning techniques and professional training, All About Contents utilizes special tools that are specifically designed to remove smoke particles form curtains and furniture. Keep in mind though, that attempting to wash curtains in a standard washing machine or using a regular home vacuum on rugs or furniture can actually make the damage worse and push the smoke and soot particles even deeper into the fibers of the material. Your curtains, textile goods and upholstery have the best chance of being successfully repaired from smoke damage when you call the professionals at All About Contents right away.
  • Clothing and Bedding: Smoke is so potent that even clothes that were stored in drawers and closets away from the fire can absorb the smell. Bedding and pillows will also absorb smoke odors that then become trapped in the materials themselves. Just like with curtains, simply washing clothing and bedding fabrics in your washing machine will probably not be enough to fully remove the smell. You can also run the risk of damaging clothing or bedding further when attempting to clean way smoke damage on your own. With specialized detergents and cleaning agents, professionals are able to fully eliminate smoke odors from clothing and bedding without causing damage to the fabrics or materials. 
  • Wood Furniture: Wood pieces can prove difficult when it comes to smoke damage, and fire damage. Wood is so porous, so it easily absorbs and locks in smoke particles. Since most wood furniture pieces are stained, sealed, or treated in some other way, you have to be very careful with which cleaning agents you use. Certain cleaning products can end up stripping the wood, removing the varnish, and lifting the stain. Depending on the severity of the damage, wood pieces may need to be refinished, but with the help of a contents smoke damage specialist, the right route and products will be determined to use to repair these pieces.

In summary, when you need content smoke damage repair for you belongings, for not only just carpet, upholstery, clothing, bedding, and wood pieces but for any of your possessions in your home, you need to call All About Contents right away. 

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