Cleaning And Deodorizing Services Through Contents Cleaning

contents cleaning and deodorizationAny scenario of property damage is stressful and confusing. You don’t know what is trash and what can be saved. You wonder if that smell will linger. You just want your house and things back in top condition (and your life back.) Whether your home was damaged by a fire, smoke damage, floodwaters, mold, or biohazard contamination, All About Contents provides services to clean and deodorize all of your affected items.   

Contents Cleaning And Deodorization Services

Instead of smearing the soot with a rag or randomly spraying loads of air freshener, rely on All About Contents and trained technicians to carefully pack out, clean and deodorize your valuable possessions. After your home disaster, their cleaning and deodorizing services include:

  • Inspecting and processing all contents in the affected area
  • Making an electronic inventory, tracking the location of each item
  • Providing detailed documentation with photos
  • Wrapping and packing out all items in the damaged space
  • Cleaning each item with the best scientific procedures
  • Deodorizing items 

Post Disaster Contents Cleaning 

The All About Contents team members are passionate restoration technicians trained to clean every conceivable surface and material affected by fire, water, and biohazard damage: furniture, light fixtures, ceiling tiles, carpets, rugs, rug pads, technical equipment, electronics, books, fine art, clothing, jewelry, storage boxes, HVAC systems, textiles, mattresses, box springs. 

Each time will be cleaned based on its materials, condition, and damage. The latest techniques and products will be chosen by professional restoration experts. 


Crises in either residential or commercial spaces can leave bad smells. You need to have the particles that cause smells removed from all the surfaces. Some smells get deeper into the materials in the building and need advanced procedures. Professional deodorization can often remove objectionable odors resulting from peroxides, aldehydes, and ketones.

Deodorization science is a combination of what makes smells and how people detect them. Specific cells in our noses are designed to set off alarms in our brains to dangerous odors: rotten food, smoke and mold. So even after a disaster strikes, a slight hint of that lingering odors can trigger

All About Contents is IICRC-certified and will clean your items back to a clean, fresh, and safe condition  All About Contents uses deodorization technologies, protocols, and substances that are both effective and safe, following guidance standards of the CDC, OSHA, WHO, and EPA.

A Contents Cleaning and Deodorization Company 

Any major loss within your home is devastating. Not only do you work about your safety and security, but the complicated clean-up processes could also get overwhelming. Since 2011, the pack out and cleaning company has helped with stressful situations. Let the experienced team at At All About Contents help you with the next step.  

The contents team at All About Contents is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC) to expertly process, assess, clean, and deodorize any of your items that were damaged or contaminated by the loss. Experts at salvaging and reviving your possession, they will make sure your personal property is cared for and accounted for. During the pack-out, everything is fully documented and tracked with contents management software

The team uses the industry-standard billing software Xactimate to submit estimates and invoices and works with all the major insurance carriers. For full-service pack out, cleaning, storage, and pack-back services, call All About Contents. You will have peace of mind that your treasures are in safe hands. 


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