Restoring Damaged Contents as Easy and Painless as Possible

damage contents restorationAfter a disaster in your home, you are left trying to figure out what can and cannot be salvaged. This can get even more complicated when considering what will be covered by your home insurance policy and what might not be.

Making The Damage Contents Restoration Process Smooth

Unfortunately, policyholders are frequently under the false impression that all of their damaged possessions will be replaced through their insurance after the damage has occurred. Insurers have the task of deciding what contents are within the limits of the coverage provided by the specific policy. This means there is a dilemma between the expectations of the insured and the limits of the insurance policy, especially when deciphering what damaged contents might be able to be restored. Since homeowners and insurance adjusters do not have the technical expertise in determining what can and cannot be salvaged following a disaster, they have to consult a professional. This is where we come in.

All About Contents specializes in damages contents restoration, and we have the experience and expertise required to determine what can and cannot, or should and should not in some cases, be saved. Advancements in technology and cleaning techniques have made repairing items that once were considered beyond repair possible. However, just because something can be repaired does not always mean it is the most cost-effective option, and, when dealing with insurance coverage, the cost of restoration must be considered against the cost of replacement. This is why working with the homeowner and the adjuster simultaneously is very important when dealing with damaged contents restoration. It is our job to categorize not just salvageable and unsalvageable, but also a high and low priority. 

Our number one priority is to ensure that the homeowner is satisfied and has the chance for valuable and sentimental possessions to be safely restored. This is why we make sure that there is an open conversation between the homeowner, our restoration team, and the insurer – so that we can help get the most out of the coverage available while still providing damaged contents restoration to as many items as possible. While not all contents may be salvageable, there are many that can be (even though they may appear a total loss). We utilize different cleaning processes to safely clean most household contents including (but not limited to):

  • Dishes
  • Appliances
  • Linens
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Antiques
  • Heirlooms
  • Decorative accents
  • Area rugs 

Before discarding your possessions as completely ruined, call All About Contents for a consult. We know that there are several choices when it comes to property insurance claim specialists, but we also know that we provide the best services around and always put you first. We know how difficult dealing with a disaster can be, and how difficult navigating insurance claims and coverage afterward is on top of all the other stress. This is why we pride ourselves on making the damaged contents restoration part of the rebuilding process as easy and trouble-free for you as possible. We are happy to consult your insurer and make the best decisions for you and your possessions when you need damaged contents restoration. 

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