Contents Cleaning & Deodorization 101

What Is Contents Cleaning? 

Contents cleaning is an advanced process for the cleaning and restoration of personal belongings or commercial inventory. This sophisticated process requires certified content restorers to clean, sanitize and deodorize smoke, sewage, mold, or water damaged items. 

Content restorers utilize a variety of state-of-the-art equipment and special chemicals that are strong enough to clean the most stubborn stains and gentle enough to maintain the integrity of delicate fabrics.

soft contents cleaning

What Contents Can Be Cleaned?

When thinking about content cleaning, think of these two categories, soft and hard contents

Soft contents include items like clothing, luggage, purses, linen, leather, stuffed animals, and other items with a soft or delicate fabric. Hard contents include items like furniture, collectibles, business inventory, electronics, dishes. Whether or not a soft or hard content item within a home can be cleaned, sanitized, or deodorized depends on 1) the type of contamination that caused the damage; and 2) the technology available to restore that type of soft contents.

The Contents Cleaning Process

  1. Contents Analysis. Item examination and categorization of salvageable or un-salvageable
  2. Pack Up. The process of inventorying and packing of salvageable items.
  3. Pack Out. The process of transporting items to a cleaning facility.
  4. Contents Cleaning. The process of cleaning, sanitizing and deodorization. 
  5. Contents Storing. The process of securely packaging items and storing them until delivery.
  6. Pack Back. Delivery of the restored items.
  7. Unpack. The unpacking and final inspection of the restored items.

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Contents Cleaning And Deodorization Professionals

All About Contents provides contents cleaning and deodorizing for mold to severe smoke damage. We are trained in proper cleaning techniques for specific objects and materials that are safe and effective for deodorizing your belongings. We utilize the most up-to-date cleaning techniques available, and offer many different cleaning processes to safely clean and remove odors from most household items. With the use of special chemicals and even cleaning by hand, we will make sure that the right technique is used for each object to produce the best possible outcome. 

Don’t give up on your belongings that have suffered smoke damage and let All About Contents try our content cleaning and deodorizing on your valuables. We promise to take extra care of your belongings and are good at getting desired results. Let our team of restoration experts take your smoke-damaged items and get them back to their pre-loss condition. 

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