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contents packout dallas ga, contents cleanup dallas gaIt is important to first understand that after the fire has been extinguished, smoke damage can be and a lot of the time is just as devastating as damage from the flames. In order to have the best odds at saving and restoring your belongings, we need to get them removed from the area as soon as it is safe to do so. Then, odor neutralizing products can be used to help rid the objects of the foul smell of the smoke. Different items will require different steps and techniques, so we will go through some of the most common belongings that we restore.

Contents Restoration Services In Dallas, GA 

  • Furniture: Smoke can be absorbed by furniture, and lingering soot and ash can form a residue that covers the entire surface. With the correct cleaning agent for the type of material your furniture is made of, soot and ash can be safely removed without damaging varnishes, paints, or wood stains. However, if you do not use the correct agent for your furniture type, you can actually make the damage worse. We use state-of-the-art cleaning methods, products, and techniques to ensure that your furniture pieces are returned to pre-loss condition. While it may seem impossible to remove the odor of smoke from pieces that are upholstered, we have an ozone room and deodorization chamber that will be able to erase any smell of smoke from pieces that can be salvaged. 
  • Fabric, Linens, Clothing, Upholstery, and other Textile Goods: Speaking of upholstery, materials like curtains, blankets, rugs and even clothing are often considered as total losses after a fire. However, we have been able to save many different fabric pieces and clothing articles with our cleaning and restoration methods. We have specific cleaning solutions for different types of fabrics and materials that can remove stains, avoid discoloration, and even eliminate odors. For delicate pieces, we apply cleaning agents by hand to ensure no further damage is ensured. 
  • Documents, Photos, and Artwork: These tend to be some of the most sentimental pieces, and, rightfully so, some of the most devastating losses after a fire. While these items seem to be the most susceptible to fire and smoke damage, if not burned completely there are methods that can be used to save and restore these pieces. We have had success restoring artwork, antiques, heirlooms, documents, and even photos from soot and smoke damage. Our team will work hard to restore all cleanable items back to their pre-loss condition, and save what can be saved. 

No one wants to have to go through a disaster in their home that requires restoration services, especially if it is fire damage. When a fire does occur, many of the victims feel hopeless and that all their belongings are lost or ruined. While sometimes this is true, there are still many cases where contents can be safely and successfully restored. All About Contents has devoted our time and efforts into accomplishing just that – restoring your valuable belongings after a fire. So before you give up hope on your property, let All About Contents see what our content restoration services can do for you. 

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