Understanding Content Cleaning Services For Your Dallas Home

contents restoration, contents cleaning company, contents cleanupFlooding is a major disaster that not only affects your Dallas, GA home, but also damages your belongings. At All About Contents, we specialize in content services that involve cleaning and restoring your belongings following flooding, and take pride in being able to bring damaged pieces to new life. One thing we get asked about frequently when dealing with water damaged items is whether or not metal pieces can benefit from content cleaning services.

Content Cleaning Services In Dallas, GA

Here is a run-down on the effects of water damage, rust, and corrosion on metal pieces and what we can do to help

To really understand just how serious water damage can be to your belongings, you need to understand corrosion. Corrosion is the gradual breakdown of metal due to a chemical reaction with its environment. When metal is introduced to water and oxygen for an extended amount of time, iron oxide is produced. You may know iron oxide by its more common name, rust. Since all water contains some dissolved oxygen, metals exposed to water damage are always at risk of corrosion. The main problem with corrosion of metal is there is no specific time frame in which the damage can happen. Corrosion could be apparent within hours after the initial exposure to water, or it may take days to manifest. Depending on how much water was present and how long the exposure was allowed to occur before the item was removed from water, damage can range from minimal to extensive. To give your items the best chance at successful content cleaning, you should call All About Contents as soon as you notice the damage so we can extract your belongings and have the best odds of reversing any damage that has already been done.

While there are many techniques you can read about online that claim to successfully remove rust from metal objects, it can be risky to attempt to clean these items on your own. One of the most commonly suggested techniques online is to use vinegar to reverse corrosion from water damage. While this technique may work for some items, we do not recommend the use of DIY cleaning techniques when it comes to dealing with rust.  Corrosion can also begin to break down metal, so safe techniques should be used in order to prevent any further damage to the item. If you have appliances, furniture, artwork, antiques, heirlooms, or decorative pieces that include metal and have been damaged by water, you can use our content cleaning services at All About Contents to ensure the best outcome for your belongings. 

The cleaning of metal objects following water damage requires skilled technicians and specialized equipment and techniques to restore your items back to pre-loss condition. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and special chemicals to make sure that the proper cleaning application is used for each of your belongings. If the damage is too severe and cannot be reversed, we will keep track of it and document it for your insurance. If your home has suffered from water damage, before you get rid of valuable metal belongings call All About Contents to see if our content cleaning services can restore your items.

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