Consider Contents Cleaning and Restoration After A Disaster

contents restoration services dallas ga, contents restoration dallas ga, contents cleanup dallas gaMaybe it was a hurricane or a tornado. Maybe it was a lightning strike or an electrical fire. Or maybe it was a flood of river water. If your home went through a disaster, many important belongings and documents can be severely damaged. With professional contents cleaning technology, All About Contents is often able to salvage many of your belongings and restore them for future use. 

Content restoration can apply to a whole range of different items that may become damaged after a disaster such as a storm, flood or fire. Content restoration services are just as important as reconstruction in the rebuilding phase, because they include everything housed within the four walls of a property– you know, your STUFF?!?

Step By Step

Like the personal property restoration process, the contents restoration process comprises several steps. After securing the building or structure, the next step is to pack and move the contents of the building to a new location for restoration and storage. At this point, the restoration contractor will create an inventory list of the items that have been packed up and moved off-site. Industry leading software will create a usable and manageable list of all your items

Before it’s time for your things to get cleaned, the next stage in the contents restoration process is organizing and making decisions. All About Contents will  open the boxes one by one and our cleaning professionals go item by item and decide the best method for cleaning it (porous, fragile, metal, etc..) The goal of cleaning is to remove any signs of smoke or water damage from your possessions, with no unpleasant or lingering odors from items.

Many times, hard contents like dishes will be cleaned in automated machines, such as ultrasonic and deodorized for smoke odor. Any hard contents that cannot be cleaned in a machine will be hand cleaned with an environmentally-friendly degreaser and odor counteractants. Soft contents will be cleaned in with technology that has enabled us to salvage items that were previously considered unsalvageable and has greatly enhanced our capability to restore your life back to normal.

Once everything has been cleaned, your contents are put in an ozone room for deodorization. In some cases, they undergo thermal fogging. This is a process that replicates the particle size of smoke and is an additional counteractant for the elimination of any residual odors. After this, contents that are unable to be machine dried are added to our drying chamber with air circulation. Throughout the entire process, your items are being tracked start to finish.

At this point, the contents are placed in a fresh clean box with lots of protection to go to a climate controlled storage until you and your family are ready to bring everything back to move in again. 

Recovering from a disaster is about much more than just the external parts of a building or property. Items from inside the building form the basis of lives, meaning it’s just as important to ensure that they’re restored to their condition before the disaster. All About Contents contents restoration teams know how valuable such items are to our clients, and our professionals know how to competently handle these processes. 

Can Your Contents Be Saved?

Every situation is different but All About Contents contents restoration teams present you and your insurance representative with as many cost-effective options as possible. Asset preservation and restoration services are customized to meet our customers’ preferences when handling their prized possessions.

All About Contents teams of content restoration specialists are trained in everything from rug restoration for water-damaged rugs to restoring water-damaged furniture, and much more. For the best chances at saving your possessions, involve the All About Contents team immediately after a disaster. 

When You Need Contents Cleaning And Restoration Support In Dallas, GA

Since 2011,All About Contents company has helped with stressful situations after a home disaster. They have worked with all the major insurance carriers, including Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Prudential, USAA, and more. Experts at writing and submitting property claims, the team uses the industry-standard billing software Xactimate to submit estimates and invoices. For a full-service cleaning company that offers pack out, cleaning, storage, and pack-back services, call right away.   

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