Specialized Contents Cleaning And Restoration Services

content restoration services dallas ga, content services dallas ga, restoration services dallas gaAfter a fire or water loss, your possessions require skilled technicians and specialized equipment to restore these items back to their pre-loss condition. A knowledgeable team will  identify the material and construction of each item to ensure the proper methods. Cleaning with state-of-the-art equipment and special chemicals ensure the best results for your contents.

Water Damage Destroys Electronic Devices 

Water damage in your home can ruin furniture, degrade building materials, and destroy expensive electronics. It isn’t the water alone that causes problems. It is the impurities in the water that connect to contact points within the device. If the device is on, the electric current can be sent to places that it shouldn’t go and that causes damage. If those impurities don’t make contact with the connections in your device and create a short then your device may be completely fine. The water does not automatically destroy devices, but it can trigger problems.

Even if your electronic device survives a water incident there is a chance of problems in the future. Water can cause corrosion, a chemical reaction, with metal and the circuit board. Electronics can often function with some corrosion, but you may notice issues or complete failure over time. If your electronics were completely submerged in water, the internal circuitry is likely to be beyond repair. 

Safety first!

A flood puts you at risk for electrocution if you make physical contact with floodwaters. Stay out of standing water until the restoration team arrives. If the item was powered on at the time of submersion, the likelihood of salvaging the item decreases drastically. Plus, water damaged items can not be tossed in the trash–they still should be recycled properly

Have Your Electronics Professionally Restored

The contents restoration professionals at All About Contents are trained and equipped to attempt to restore the water damaged goods in your home. If your property is inundated with flood water, the specialists at All About Contents will remove your belongings, including electronics, to a safe and dry facility for cleaning and storage to  protect your items from the moisture inside your home. Your items will be stored in a climate controlled storage area until your property is thoroughly dried and ready for the return of your goods.

Keep records of items that need to be replaced and fees associated with services provided by an electrician for your insurance agent. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the needed cleanup services, call  All About Contents to work directly with your insurance company to make this difficult time a little bit easier on you.

Contents Cleaning In Dallas, Atlanta and Beyond

At All About Contents will make sure your personal property is cared for and accounted for. During the pack-out, everything is fully documented and tracked using management software, so you can have peace of mind that your contents are in safe hands. 

Since 2011, our pack out company has helped with stressful situations like insurance claims. They have worked with all the major insurance carriers, including Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Prudential, USAA, and more. Experts at writing and submitting property claims, the team uses the industry-standard billing software Xactimate to submit estimates and invoices. For a full-service cleaning company that offers pack out, cleaning, storage, and pack-back services, call us. 

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