Effects Of Water And Need For Contents Restoration Services

contents restoration services dallas georgia, contents pack out dallas georgia, contents cleaning company dallas georgiaThe cleaning and restoration of your Dallas home’s contents following a fire or water loss requires skilled technicians, specialized equipment and contents restoration services to ensure the best results for your belongings. Water damage can greatly affect your belongings, especially when it comes to wood furniture. Here are some of the most common effects water can have on your wood furniture, and what the contents restoration services experts at All About Contents can do to restore those pieces.

Contents Restoration Services In Dallas GA

  1. Swelling: When wood has been exposed to water for extended amounts of time, it will begin to swell under the weight of the excess moisture. If swelling gets excessive, wood can crack or break under the pressure. The joints of wood furniture are especially at risk from water damage, making the pieces unstable. If the water is removed quickly, or the wood furniture is removed from the water as soon as possible, it has a much better chance of being restored successfully. 
  2. Mildew: If water is not fully removed from wood furniture, it will eventually foster mildew growth. Because it’s porous, wood offers the perfect environment for mildew, and once the growth starts, it is hard to completely resolve the problem. Timing is key here again. The sooner we can remove the wood from the water, the better off it will be. 
  3. Discoloration: Wood furniture changes colors when it becomes saturated with water, even if it has been treated and sealed. Stain colors can fade or darken, and water spots can stain the wood. The good news here is if the water has not been allowed to seep too deep into the wood, it can be sanded down and refinished. Again, if we can remove the water from the wood as quickly as possible, we greatly improve the chances of being able to fully restore the wood while preserving the color.

At the end of the day, the best way to provide the best results for your wood furniture after water damage is to remove it as soon as possible. The good news is that our contents restoration services team offers emergency pack-out services when damage strikes, so we can get these pieces out of the damaged areas and into our safe and dry location. Then the contents restoration services work can begin. We use the most up-to-date cleaning techniques available to ensure that your wood pieces are given the best care possible. We can remove excess moisture, use special cleaning agents depending on the exact material, to resolve any mildew or other bacterial issues. We have state of the art cleaning equipment and special chemicals that we can utilize, and we can also clean more delicate items by hand. Whatever your piece needs to be properly restored, we can do it. We even utilize an ozone room and deodorization chamber to be sure that your pieces are left as good as new. If an item cannot be cleaned and restored to its pre-loss condition, we will add it to the list of losses for your insurance. Don’t trust your belongings to just anyone, and let the contents restoration services experts at All About Contents take care of your items.

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