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contents restoration services dallas ga, contents restoration dallas ga, contents cleanup dallas gaAny time your home sustains damage, you worry about your possessions and personal belongings. At All About Contents, we know how important your home’s contents are, and that is why we offer the best contents restoration services in Dallas GA and surrounding areas. We are able to safely remove, clean, restore, and protect your valuables following damage to your home. And on top of all that, we even offer pack-back services to return your items to their rightful place in your home. Our contents restoration services experts try to make it as easy as possible for you, but what may not be as clear-cut and easy is determining what your insurance will and will not cover following damage to your home and personal belongings. 

Contents Restoration Services In Dallas Ga

First off, it is important to know that most homeowners and renters policies include average coverage for your personal belongings, but have limits. There are a lot of different terms and conditions you need to know about to make sure your valuables are really insured though. We are going to help explain what personal property insurance is, and help you decide what coverage is best for you and your belongings. We feel that everyone with valuables they care about needs contents insurance. While we take pride in our ability to restore your belongings following a disaster, there are some disasters and some items that just may not make it. When you consider the cost of replacing valuables, especially ones that hold sentimental value, the cost of contents insurance is far less. This is especially true for renters. A landlord’s insurance policy does not cover the renter’s property, so if a disaster does strike, renters’ items are not protected without renters insurance. 

So what exactly does contents insurance cover? Anything that is not part of the structure of your home is covered by contents insurance and our restoration services, including:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Décor
  • Art
  • Rugs and other fabric textiles
  • Dishes and kitchenware
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys

While this list is not all inclusive it does give you a good idea of what may be covered if belongings cannot be saved or restored. Keep in mind though, there is a limit on personal property coverage and on average it is 40% to 7-% of your home’s overall value. It is also important to know that high-value belongings are not always covered by standard contents insurance policies. These items typically include:

  • High-value jewelry (like diamonds, gold, watches, and rings)
  • Expensive or custom artwork
  • Firearms
  • Collectibles
  • Pets

Just because these items are not covered by standard policies does not mean they cannot be insured. If you have high value items you can add them to your policy for an extra fee. That being said, most policies will only cover up to a certain dollar amount so these high-value items may not be fully covered, but may still get you some sort of pay out. If you are unsure what exclusions your contents insurance has, you can look under the Personal Property, Special Limits of Liability section of your policy, or contact your insurance agent. If you feel your belongings are not sufficiently covered, you may need to expand your coverage. It can be hard to determine how much content coverage you really need. The best way to start is to take inventory of your belongings and include photos. This will help you to see which items are already protected under your homeowners or renters insurance policies and which ones may require contents insurance. With this list you can also determine the value of your belongings so you know how much coverage you will need to replace them if they cannot be saved or restored with contents restoration services.

At All About Contents, we know how important your belongings are. We also know that making sure your valuables are insured can be stressful and confusing. This is why we take such pride in our work and our ability to remove, clean, and restore your contents in the best way possible. If you have more questions, or need contents packed out, cleaning, restoring, or storage services, call about our contents restoration services today.

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