Six Steps In The Contents Cleaning Process

contents cleanup dallas georgia, contents pack out dallas georgia, contents cleaning company dallas georgiaContents cleaning is an often overlooked, though essential, element of the contents cleaning process. Contents cleaning involves the cleaning and restoration of any items in your home that were damaged by a disaster. It’s important to understand how the contents cleaning process works so you can know what to expect if you ever need this service. 

Contents Cleanup In Dallas Georgia

Here are the six main steps of contents cleaning from our restoration professionals at All About Contents in Dallas Georgia

Assessment And Analysis

Shortly after a disaster, a contents cleanup expert will examine the items that have been damaged. The purpose of this is to determine which items can be salvaged and which items cannot be saved. Those that can be saved will be shipped off to be restored and those that cannot be saved will be discarded. Our technicians will make sure to consult with you in this stage and give you the final say regarding your possessions. 

Pack Up

During the pack up process, your possessions will be safely packed and taken away to the restoration facility. Our contents cleanup technicians take care to use the utmost caution and care when transporting your possessions. 

Contents Cleaning

This is where the real meat of the work gets done. Using highly advanced cleaning techniques and technology, content restoration experts will do everything in their power to restore each of the items affected by the disaster. Put simply, if it can be saved, our technicians will make sure that it is. 

Contents Storing

Once the restoration work has been completed, we will safely store your possessions in a safe, temperature-controlled warehouse. This will keep your items safe and in good repair until they are transported back to you. Once you are back in a state where you can take your possessions back, they will be shipped back to you. 

Pack Back

Last of all, and this is pretty simple, our technicians will safely pack up all of your belongings and transport them back to you. Throughout the process, we take care to meticulously label each item so none of your possessions get lost or mixed up with someone else’s belongings. 


The final step of the contents cleaning process is the unpacking. Once your belongings have safely arrived at your home, our technicians will unpack the boxes, and once again scan each bar code item. The inventory list is then reviewed with the customer. This allows the opportunity for our contents cleanup technicians and the customer to inspect each cleaned item together to ensure quality and that all items are properly accounted for.

Hopefully, contents cleanup is a service you will never need, but if you do, you’ll be glad to know what you are getting into ahead of time. Moreover, we hope you don’t hesitate to call us at All About Contents in Dallas Georgia for our contents cleanup services if you ever have a disaster in your home.

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