When In A Crisis, Consider Doing Content Pack Out

content pack out, contents cleaning company, emergency content pack out, contents restorationI remember once, years and years ago, when my parents came to help my brother and me move home from the university we both attended to live at home for the summer. My mom had been given instructions to ensure we were all packed up and had cleaned up our place before they arrived, so they could pick us up and we’d be on our way home as soon as possible. But of course, we had just finished our finals the day before. Also being so young and inexperienced in the art of packing up belongings, we had both severely underestimated the time needed to pack everything up properly and have things ready to go. This was in addition to cleaning up the apartment and all other responsibilities that manifest themselves at the end of a college semester. 

When my parents arrived, my mom became visually flustered at how much work was left to do. She didn’t know how all our belongings would fit in our household truck (which they brought despite its poor gas mileage) to haul home our literature books, mismatched plastic plates, and gallons of laundry detergent (which, to my mom’s dismay, were less than halfway empty despite them having come with us to college when she packed us up nine months prior.) 

Packing up and cleaning everything can be a pain. I can’t even imagine being in the face of a home disaster like a flood or fire and thinking about the work put into packing up all your belongings. This is on top of cleaning and restoration concerns, a cost-benefit analysis of what to save, insurance questions, and everything else that is on your mind because of everyday life – not even including unplanned disasters. 

Content Pack Out

Content pack out is a fantastic way to go in a crisis situation. Here are three reasons why you should consider it in the event of an unforeseen damage to your home: 

1. Content pack-out is done by people whose job is content pack out. 

They know how to not ruin your belongings. It is an especially good option for belongings that become more or less valuable based on how they are stored, like a wine collection. 

2. Packing out contents ensures that they are efficiently removed.

That way, the restoration efforts in your home will be unobstructed. With most disasters, prompt cleanup has a direct relationship with how much time and effort is needed to restore your home, and of course, how much it will end up costing.

3. Packers are really good at documenting and organization

When disaster strikes unexpectedly, you often don’t have time to quickly do everything needed for proper restoration by yourself. Rest assured knowing that you don’t have to! Content pack out companies can be a fantastic resource and help to you. If you live in the greater Atlanta area, the content pack out experts at All About Contents should be one of your first calls after a disaster, almost like a fire or flood for all of your content pack out needs.

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