What Does A Contents Cleaning Company Do?

contents cleaning company, professional contents cleaning company, contents restoration companyAfter you’ve had a disaster in your home, the necessary clean-up and repairs are overwhelming. If you had a broken pipe, you might need a plumber. If there was a kitchen fire, you’ll need a team that knows how to clean soot and dissipate the smoke smell. When you have a mold infestation, you’ll want a team with the knowledge and equipment to safely remediate it. Another vital team that can save you time, money, and aggravation is a content cleaning company. With efficiency, these technicians use every tool and technique possible to save and salvage your possessions. 

Where Is The First Step?

A project manager from the contents cleaning company will do an initial overview and determine the scope: how many workers, trucks, and supplies will be required. At this time, the project manager will also:

  • Identify your immediate need items such as emergency clothing, personal valuables, medications, jewelry, etc. that will stay with you.
  • Agree on the initial collection of contents
  • Determine which items are assumed salvageable and non-salvageable (this can change)
  • Photograph contents and existing damage (like a scratch on the armoire)
  • Create a “Master Inventory” and “Box Log Inventory” in both digital and paper formats, if desired
  • Agree with you on your desired methods (text, email, voice call, etc) and frequency of communication regarding the progress of your restoration claim
  • Pack contents securely

It is also vital to keep track of what they are NOT saving so you can report this to the insurance company. Non-salvageable items are those which have been completely destroyed or cannot be restored. Your contents will be photographed to document any pre-existing damage (i.e. a deep scratch on a table). This inventory is typically made in triplicate – a copy for you, a copy for your insurance company, and a copy for the contents cleaning company. As the contents cleaners are packing up your contents, they’ll ensure items are packed safely and securely. 

Your contents are loaded securely onto moving trucks, then transported to the cleaning facility. If no cleaning is required, they’ll be taken directly to storage. 

Then The Contents Cleaning

When it’s their time to be cleaned, boxes will be opened one by one. Your contents will be inspected by cleaning specialists, who will determine the best way to proceed. They’ll choose the best cleaning processes and cleansers based on the type and extent of the contamination. For example, items affected by smoke damage may be cleaned differently than those affected by a flood.

A few of the techniques used are:

  • High precision ultrasonic cleaning technology (over 40% higher recovery rates vs. conventional methods)
  • Hydroxyl generating technology (33% more effective than ozone without the harmful effects)
  • Aqueous electronics cleaning
  • Restoration Launder/Dry cleaning methods (typically able to restore 98% of garments compared to 65% for a typical dry cleaner)
  • Precision controlled drying methods
  • Deodorization

Every situation is different; certain items like electronics will go through special processes to ensure they are restored correctly.

Storage (As Needed)

Now (and at every stage of the project) the team will communicate with you in order to coordinate the best time to bring it all back. Until then, your contents will be stored at a climate-controlled facility, loaded onto pallets, tagged with your name, and secured there until it’s time to move them back into your home or business.

Returning Home

Once your home or business has been restored, it’s time to bring your belongings back. The “Pack Back” is the process of packing your contents up to bring them back. Your contents will be loaded into moving trucks, secured for transport, and brought to your home or business.

The “Unpack” is the final phase of the contents cleaning process. The team will be transported and unloaded. They’ll review their Master Inventory with you as they unpack each box. This gives you the opportunity to inspect the contents, while also making sure that nothing is missing.

Contents Cleaning Company In Atlanta

Since 2011, All About Contents has served customers in greater Atlanta as a full-service contents cleaning company specializing in contents cleaning. While our business and its employees deal with these situations on a daily basis, we understand that for our customers it is a new and stressful experience. We are experts at writing and submitting property claims, and use the industry-standard billing software Xactimate. Our contents cleaning company is always available to help you.

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