3 Reasons You NEED Contents Cleanup

contents cleanup, professional contents cleanup, contents packupIf your home has suffered from a water or fire disaster, professional contents cleanup is the best solution to getting your personal belongings back to pre-loss condition.

There’s a high probability of major damage to items like clothing, furniture, electronics, and appliances. When the contents of your home have have been damaged, professional contents cleanup is the best way to make sure your items are saved. Here are three reasons to contact a professional content cleanup crew like All About Contents after a property disaster like water, fire, or smoke.

  1. Damage from smoke, soot, water, and mold cannot be resolved and clean with simple chemicals from home. These problems require professional contents cleanup. Homeowners often think that they can clean what has been damaged; however, many dangers arise if a professional isn’t hired to restore the damages properly. If water damage is the problem, dirt, bacteria, and mold can all be stuck inside furniture, carpeting, and rugs. If fire damage has occurred, lingering smoke, soot, and other harmful chemicals can damage glass, metal, and much more. 
  2. Professional contents cleanup crews can pack-up and move your items off-site to a safe location where they can be properly treated. Cleaning items on the site of a water or fire disaster can cross-contaminate items and cause further damage – oftentimes permanent damage. Professionals with off-site locations have the equipment, the right cleaning tools, and a team of experienced professionals who have seen it before and know how to clean up and restore your precious, sentimental and valuable items the right way.
  3. Homeowners are not the only ones who may make mistakes while trying to clean up the contents of their home. Amateur contents cleaning and restoration crews may make simple mistakes like packing up items incorrectly. This may seem minor but a successful pack-out will reduce the risk of further damage to your items. Items can get broken and more contaminated during the pack-out process. Professionals, like those at All About Contents, know how to pack up and clean your contents the best way.

Contents Cleanup From All About Contents

The process of contents cleanup may seem fairly simple, but it should be handled delicately. Precise steps help ensure the thorough removal of any dirt, smoke, soot, germs, or mold particles. Anything that could damage your items will be removed professionally. Overall, letting professionals take care of your personal belongings away from your home is an effective way to get your contents cleaned and back to normal.

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