Protect Your Possessions From Further Damage

Perhaps your house in Atlanta experienced a flood due to a sudden spring storm. Maybe you had a small kitchen sink failure. What if a small leak in the guest bathroom leads to mold and mildew? Not only will you have to perform repairs on the property ad structures, you also need to protect your additional damage and decay. Clean water, contaminated water, and mold spores are just a few of the dangers lurking after a home disaster. 

Damage to your “stuff” can add additional expense and stress to an already disastrous situation. You might have to move out for a while until you have a chance to clean out the building and restore its contents. Or, perhaps you’re unable to use your belongings to cook, groom, work or enjoy your home. You not only need a team like All About Contents to repair the house, you need professional contents cleanup support to restore your expensive, valuable and sentimental items such as photographs and family heirlooms.

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What Is Contents Clean Up?

The goal of contents cleanup is to save and protect what you have.  Restoring and rehabilitating the things you own is usually less expensive than replacing them. But the process is more complicated than wiping off the debris with a paper towel! Proper treatment from experienced professionals can help you to retain precious personal possessions for years to come.

After the incident, you might need to remove items from the house to be cleaned; some items will need to remain in the house and be cleaned on-site. The exact process of cleaning and restoring your belongings depends on the types of items, the type of damage, and the amount of time that has passed.

Specialty Contents Cleaning

After the plumber, or water damage team has plugged the leak and eliminated the immediate danger, our team will really shine. They are dedicated to saving as many of your things as possible through a variety of methods. Your possessions will require a variety of different cleaning processes to safely clean them. 

Soft items, such as stuffed animals, clothing, curtains and other textiles, usually require cleaning, sanitizing and deodorization in order to remove mold, water damage and any lingering odors. Hard items, such as dishes, plates, electronics and furniture, require deep cleaning using specialized equipment.

Our team will usually be able to salvage your household items including:

  • Dishes
  • Appliances
  • Linens and Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Antiques and Heirlooms
  • Decorative Accents
  • Area Rugs

The sooner the team can start working in your home, the sooner your life will get back to normal.

For Contents Cleanup in Atlanta

The key to restoring items after a damaging event is to find a professional team that can provide knowledge, skills, equipment and manpower immediately. Many contractors can repair the structure and interior of a home, but our team specializes in saving  the items inside it.

All About Contents is dedicated to cleaning up water damage messes. With trained technicians, comprehensive processes, and proper safety protocols, you can count on the 24 Hour services including contents cleanup and emergency pack out.

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