Cleaning Mold Contaminated Contents In Dallas, Georgia

clean mold damage items dallas ga, mold cleanup dallas ga, contents cleanup dallas gaLiving in the high humidity of Georgia, mold is a problem every homeowner should be concerned about. A mold problem can develop and spread throughout your home before you even know it. When this happens, your home and possessions can sustain severe damage. If this happens to you, our team of mold remediation experts at All About Contents in Dallas, Georgia are just one call away to help you repair the damage and reclaim your possessions. Below is information about the basic procedures for restoring mold-contaminated contents.

Survey The Damage

The first step of any mold remediation process is to survey the home and discover the extent of the damage. At All About Contents, we will send one of our mold remediation professionals to do this. Once we identify all the possessions in your home that have sustained mold damage, our next step is to determine how likely it is those possessions can be restored. The main consideration is how porous the object is. Objects that are more porous such as cloth, paper, and softwood sustain much more severe damage from flooding since water seeps inside them. Non-porous substances, however, are much more likely to survive since water can’t seep inside them.

Make Some Tough Decisions

This is a difficult part of the process. The extensive time and resources required to save some damaged possessions may not be worth it for you in the long run. When confronted with these difficulties, we will work with you so you can determine which possessions you want to save and which you want to get rid of. Some of the most difficult items to make these determinations about are art, historical documents, photographs, and other sentimental possessions of intrinsic value. We will help you in making these cost/benefit analyses by explaining the time, cost, and likelihood of success in restoring each of your possessions.

Restore The Damage

The typical practice for restoring items is to discard porous or semi-porous items with visible mold growth unless their value to you justifies more extensive cleaning measures. We employ several state-of-the-art cleaning techniques such as freeze drying, ozone chambers, and solvent washes. It is amazing how well these methods are able to restore damaged possessions. Yet, they do still require a large amount of time and effort along with an increased cost. We are happy to help you restore anything you desire, but it is probably in your best interests to not restore every damaged item. One way around this is to simply make copies of paper items contaminated by mold rather than trying to actually restore them.

There is a lot to know concerning the restoration process for mold damaged contents. However, understanding the points made above is the information you need to know what to do if you deal with mold damage in your home. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at All About Contents for any mold content restoration help you need.

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