Can My Electronics Be Restored?

A fire has just destroyed your home or business in Dallas. You walk around the property, scavenging for any items to save. There is a small glimmer of hope as you walk into the office and notice your computer monitor is burnt and misshapen, but somewhat intact.

Fortunately, All About Contents has the necessary equipment and training to restore your contents to their pre-loss condition. They offer 24/7 emergency services in the Dallas, Georgia area. So if you need professional treatment, they will pack up your electronics, clean, restore, and deliver the items for you.

Can your electronics be restored after a fire?

In circumstances when the fire damage is too severe, non-salvageable contents will be documented and posted on a non-restorable list for your insurance provider. However, professionals will communicate with you, and always invest their time and attention to save every item before doing so.

How to Prepare for a Content Professional

Turn Off Electronics

Make sure all electronics are off before a technician arrives. Turning on these items heat the soot and ash particles internally, which in turn, cause more destruction and damage.

Take Inventory

Before a professional arrives, take an inventory of your items. Take pictures and make a list of any item damage. Content restoration companies will also take an inventory and send it to your insurance carrier.

Remove the Hard Drive

Although your computer may appear inoperable, the hard drive is still in tact and contains any files and information stored on your computer. So try to remove the hard drive before a professional arrives and keep it in a safe place.

Check the Warranty

To protect your items, professional content restoration companies will ask about the contents’ warranties. Many times, TV manufacturers will void the warranty if the back of an item is removed. So be prepared for professionals to ask you about your items’ warranties.

What to Expect from the Technicians

The primary cause of electrical damage is soot. The acidity destroys the metals and cause discoloration and disintegration. Timing is crucial in order to restore the items so professionals work quickly to clean any smoke and soot damage.


Be sure to hire only IICRC-certified technicians. This guarantees your contents are being handled by trained professionals. All About Contents has the necessary equipment and experience to restore TVs, computers, printers, fans, and appliances.

Technicians carefully take apart the item to clean every section and access both the inside and outside. Don’t worry, they know how to put it back together!

Content cleaning specialists use high-tech equipment to guarantee your items are sanitized. They first use an ultrasonic machine to clear off the soot and smoke damage. The machine uses temperature controlled waves and a cleaning solution that removes any harsh particles from your contents.

The next step is to clean and sanitize the device internally. Using organic chemicals and detergents, technicians spray and rinse every section. Once soot and ash are removed, professionals use a drying chamber to dry the inside and outside of the device.

Professionals take the items into the reassembly area to put the device back together.

Why Should I Hire a Content Cleaner?

Although there are many DIY tutorials online, content cleaners are trained to use certified equipment to restore any electronic item. They don’t just use a “dust and wash off” method. Professionals take apart and clean both the inside and outside.

You can save your time and money in the long-run when you call a content restoration professional. If you have questions or concerns about the process, contact All Contents Restoration to speak with a professional and save your electronics.

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