Saving Your Contents From Fire Damage

content restoration due to fire damage in Dallas GA, contents restoration fire damageDiscover the experts’ technique for contents restoration due to fire damage.

When a fire disaster strikes, it causes physical, financial, and emotional challenges to you and your family. The effects are often difficult for those on the outside to understand. To help heal the process, content restoration specialists know how to address your needs. They save any items affected by the fire damage so you can feel more at home when the cleaning process is complete.  

Contents include any item that can be relocated to your home or office. Content restoration companies salvage dishes, appliances, artwork, antiques, furniture, bedding, clothes, jewelry, carpets, electronic devices, and more.

Why Should I Call A Fire Damage Repair Specialist?

Home fires are extremely dangerous both before and after the flames are put out. If items are not properly cleaned, smoke odors, soot, and ash never leave.

Attempting to scrub and remove soot only spreads stains deeper into the fabric. A simple “dust and wash off” method is not enough to deodorize small, hidden particles in your furniture, antiques, or clothes. That is why professional fire damage cleaning is necessary.

To prevent further damage to your belongings, call the professionals before trusting a DIY tutorial. They use high-tech equipment, techniques, and special chemicals—only used by certified technicians— to deodorize and sanitize your contents. All processes safely clean, protect, and maintain any item.

Did you know?

All About Contents has provided content restoration due to fire damage in Dallas, Georgia and its surrounding areas since 2011. They will document inventory, pack, clean, restore, deliver, and unpack your items for you—all handled by IICRC-certified restoration pros.

What To Expect From The Technicians

Not every size fits all. Each item affected by fire damage follows a unique cleaning and sanitation process to remove any harmful particles. Here are the general procedures for various items.  

Carpets, Rugs, and Upholstery

Technicians use commercial grade vacuums to pull ash from the fibers. Once the ash is extracted, they remove any soot marks with a natural cleaning solution.

Kitchen Hardware and Appliances

Pots, pans, mixers, and other kitchen hardware are washed with high-tech equipment and polished to restore their original look.


To restore your artwork to the way the artist intended, trained professionals will clean, restore paint loss, and repair tears to your paintings.


Fire damage restoration pros use innovative technology to remove unsafe particles from your electronics. With computer-controlled wash systems your computers, stereos, or game consoles can be restored without using harsh chemicals. These machines remove about 99 percent of contamination —more than the human hand could do!

In circumstances when the fire damage is too severe, non-salvageable contents will be documented and posted on a non-restorable list for your insurance provider. However, professionals will communicate with you, and always invest their time and attention to save every item before doing so.

Fire Damage Repair In Greater Atlanta

All About Contents, based in Dallas, Georgia will provide you with a peace of mind as they repair any damage lost in a home fire.

The most important thing? Do not wait! Putting off a restoration service will cause long-term damage, which ultimately means long-term expenses. Save your time, money, and energy and call content cleaning and restoration professionals as soon as possible.

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